Print Specifications

FILETYPE: Please upload images in JPG, PNG, PDF.

RESOLUTION: We recommend 300dpi. If you submit a lower resolution or smaller image size than the product you ordered, we will still print your image and do our best to preserve quality, but some loss of resolution may still occur.

COLOR MODE: We recommend RGB for greatest color output, but CMYK is also acceptable.

BLEED: If your image goes to the edge of the canvas size, please add an additional 1/4" to the length and width. For example, if you are ordering an 8x10, you will want to format your canvas size to be 8.25x10.25". You can upload your image to our website Customizer to see a preview of what it will look like.

CROP MARKS: Please do not add crop marks to your image, we will format them as needed to fit our sign dimensions.

CONTENT: Only send us images in which you own the copyright or have received print approval from the owner. 

EDITING: If you need photo editing or custom design services, please pay for this Custom Design Fee